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Hello viewers, please read it before generating your download link below. I know you are coming here to download your file from this page. We extend this page to generate the minimum revenue from this site. So that we can live this website and Its free content for the students and learners.

As we already said, we have set our goal “Money does not matter; everyone can learn from here free of cost. Money should not be the main barrier to gaining bits of knowledge”. We have been facing difficulty a few months before. We have to pay the hosting fees a lot.

If you visit this website from abroad (not from Bangladesh), you may pay concerned about some of our adbedais. So that we can earn some money to run this website and its content. As you already know, we have uploaded more than 2K contents since 2019.

Still, we are committed to uploading more content as we can. We need your support from your heart. Because you are the person who supports this website for Allah SWT, we just organized this website.

People from many regions visit this website every day. More than 200 million Bengali people are living on this earth. We have already served more than 100 countries where Bengali Muslims live and want to read Islamic category books.

Bangladeshi Publishers publish these books. But who will take the responsibility to send them to book, those who have the ability to buy the books? There are no options; that is why we took the responsibility to send them these books scanned copies.

Hopefully, you shall have understood what I meant. Please support us by viewing some of our adbedais from your country and spreading our content to your friends and family members’ doors.

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